About us

Welcome to Oakwood Community Center!

The mission of Oakwood Community Center is to bring neighbors together and build bridges among grassroots organizations in the city of Troy, New York. We do this by maintaining the historic Oakwood building as a welcoming and nourishing space.

We are best known for our Soul Café, monthly pay-what-you-can dinners that bring people together to cook, eat, and connect with one another. We also have a busy food pantry, kids programs, and we host a wide range of meetings, lectures, and other community events. You can find announcements for upcoming events on our Facebook page.

Oakwood Community Center has a long legacy of service to our neighborhood and city, first as a Presbyterian church and more recently as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our organization has been entrusted to make good use of the historic Oakwood church. We believe in making this large and multi-functional space available to our neighbors, because neighborhoods need places where people can come together to pursue common aims and to find strength in their community. In this sense, we build on the tradition of the neighborhood church. Today, however, we welcome people of all faiths and seek to partner with other organizations in our city.

Inquiries should be directed to Oakwood Community Center’s Outreach Coordinator, Yvette Dickson.

Oakwood front