Oakwood Techniques

Oakwood Techniques is a new program that incubates performing arts instructions/programming at Oakwood. For our pilot of this project, we will are hosting: 

  • BPM Lessons already working with kids around the Capital Region, BPM will come to Oakwood to teach kids to make beats, DJ or record music using equipment they have access to already such as a cell phone, to facilitate creative expression. https://www.facebook.com/bpmlessons.andclass
  • Discover U Performing Arts Program Discover U is a brand new program launching at Oakwood. It will offer technical training in music and acting, while also helping students find healthy ways of reaching within themselves and pulling from their life experiences to connect with their craft and communicate to their audience.

Oakwood Techniques will begin in person with limited participants and strict social distancing. However, each program is designed to be able to happen virtually through zoom technology.  We hope to draw on our existing relationship with the school 2 community to recruit students. The Oakwood Techniques instructors hope to be in touch with School 2 and parents to have open communication as a way to reinforce positive supports for each student.